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Russell Westbrook Needs to See a Therapist, and So Do His Fans

“When you have no self-awareness, when you shot 43% with KD and 43% without KD, it’s not about others, it’s about you.”

After Oklahoma City’s sad demise that was lowlighted by rather tragic fourth quarter collapses, Colin Cowherd said Russell Westbrook’s miserable play in the game’s most vital moments had a lot more to do with his own failings rather than his lack of support.

After shooting 20% combined in the fourth quarter of their five-game defeat, Cowherd said that even if his loyalists want to point to his plummeting fatigue from a lack of a supporting cast as the culprit behind his ice cold shooting, that’s completely on him, the fact that he blew out his reserves early in the game’s low leverage moments and didn't have enough juice left for a finale.

“LeBron plays five more minutes per game in these playoffs and he’s not exhausted,” Cowherd said. “This is not about Steven Adams and Victor Oladipo; he had Kevin Durant and Durant couldn’t stand playing with him. It’s all Westbrook.”

The solution for Westbrook’s usage problems?

Go see a shrink, Russ.

“Therapy teaches that you solve your problems.  You solve YOUR problems, through YOU, not others,” Cowherd said.  “Russell, go get a therapist. Russell’s fans --  you could use one too”