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Can We Just Be Done with the Spurs Already?

“Give me Brad Stevens, give me the crazy fun Rockets, give me the Warriors youth, give me LeBron’s greatness, hell, I’ll even take Mr. Triple-Double and his hats. Give me something that’s fun and youthful, not old and cranky.”

After getting punched in the face Game 1 in one of the darkest moments of the Gregg Popovich era in San Antonio, Colin Cowherd is already over the Spurs fresh off their 27-point annihilation against Houston. Despite being by far the NBA most successful franchise the last 20 years, and arguably the most dominant in all of sports over that same span, Cowherd is going with the intuitive Rockets, whose dedication to analysts has finally paid off.

“Congrats to the Rockets, keep winning. You’re really, really fun and you’re not old, tired, and cranky,” Cowherd said. “The Rockets made the Spurs look old, uncomfortable, and outclassed.”

Cowherd believes the suddenly ill-equipped Spurs are still feeling the effects of Tim Duncan’s retirement, arguing that he was ultimately the straw that stirred the drink, and we're all slowly figuring that out during these playoffs”

“Tim Duncan has always deserved the overwhelming credit.”