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Brandon Roy Shot in the Leg in LA

USA TODAY - Former NBA All-Star Brandon Roy was shot in the leg outside his grandmother's house near Los Angeles, a person with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports' Sam Amick.

The person requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Someone opened fire randomly outside his grandmother's house, and he was shielding some of the kids who were there, the person said.

Roy was treated in Southern California, but has already returned to Washington state while he recovers, according to King5 TV in Seattle. The incident happened over the weekend according to the outlet.

This is really an incredible story coming out of Los Angeles regarding former Blazers star Brandon Roy. Most remember Brandon as someone who battled through serious injuries in the "later" stages of his career. Later is referring to the backend of a career that was cut way way too short. Poeple often wondered how great he could become, and he got some of the highest praises across the league during his first few breakout seasons.

Just look at these quotes: 

"He's of the same ilk as Oscar Robertson and Walt Frazier, and I don't say that lightly," says Blazers assistant Dean Demopoulos. "The defense is never threatening to him, and he's that way as a person too. He is a very secure, grounded guy, a throwback who could play in any era."

Or this from Doc Rivers:

HE'S ONE of my favorite players in the league," says Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who asks his staff to make highlight videos of Roy as teaching tools for his sons Jeremiah, a junior redshirting at Indiana, and Austin, a high school sophomore in Winter Park, Fla.--both guards. "He plays under control, he plays unselfishly, and he plays at gears that young players don't play at. Most young players play fast and out of control, and for them it's all about getting 'my shots.' But his whole attitude is based on team play."

The last we heard from Roy he was profiled in a Bleacher Report article about his new job.

He's the coach for a high school basketball team. Based on the quotes above that give you some insight on Brandon the player, and the fact he was shot in the leg while shielding kids from randomly opened gunfire giving you some insight on Brandon the person, you would say he is more than an exemplary role model for young basketball players.

Get well, Brandon.