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Pipe Down with the Aaron Judge Hype

“Everybody’s got to R-E-L-A-X on this guy.”

Fresh off tying the rookie record for home runs in April, Aaron Judge is taking baseball by storm as the 25-year-old now leads the MLB with 12 home runs in just 24 games.

Jason Smith, however, has heard this hype before from the same fans who were already touting Gary Sanchez as the next Johnny Bench last season, only to see him get off to a miserable start in 2017 that has been put on hold by a bicep injury. Smith sees the same overreaction with Judge from the biggest media market in the country that loves tabbing stars prematurely.

“It’s great, it’s exciting, but let’s stop with the Aaron Judge, ‘he’s got Derek Jeter qualities’, STOP, STOP, STOP!”

Currently, on pace for 78 home runs and 168 runs scored, Smith wonders why no one has ever mentioned the idea of performance enhancing drugs from the same guy who hit .179 in 2016 with 42 K’s in 27 games.

“We don’t talk about Eric Thames that way, it’s only, ‘what’s he doing? He’s doing steroids!’ but a Yankee does it and suddenly it’s, ‘HE’S THE GREATEST, HE’S DEREK JETER!’”