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Tim Duncan Was Always the Straw That Stirred the Drink, Not Pop

“It’s always been about the culture. We’ve always talked about ‘THE CULTURE’, no, it’s about Tim Duncan.”

With the Spurs down on hard times and looking for answers after their sad shellacking at the hands of a lethal shooting Rockets team, Colin Cowherd thinks the solution to their problem is quite simple.

Get a time machine and bring mid-2000’s Tim Duncan back.

Cowherd thinks the NBA’s winningest franchise the last two decades was made possible by the mastery of the future Hall of Famer and believes fans forgot that he was the straw that stirred the drink all along.

“Too much of it has been given credit to RC Buford and Pop and not enough has been given to Tim Duncan,” Cowherd said. “When you have Tim Duncan, LeBron James, or Magic Johnson, it ain’t about culture, it’s about them being unbelievable.”

Even though Kawhi Leonard is one of the league’s best players, Duncan was one of the best players in the history the NBA.

“Think about how good Kevin Garnett is. He was overshadowed by Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett is a top 50 player of all time.”