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The NBA is about Respect, and the Raptors Haven't Earned Any

"The NBA is all about respect," Doug Gottlieb opened up this segment on The Herd by saying "And the Raptors haven't earned any respect."

With the Cleveland Cavaliers throwing alley-oops off the backboard, LeBron James spinning the ball in his hand before a three-point attempt, and the fake-beer-drinking-saga all having happened in only two games of this series, it's clear to see the Cavs don't respect the Raptors at all.

And how could you with a fanbase calling themselves Jurassic Park, counting regular season accolades and complaining about respect. They have yet to hit LeBron in the lane, show some anger about showboating, or create even an ounce of interest in this series. 

Doug Gottlieb explained his point on The Herd today.