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Best Of The Week: The Herd with Colin Cowherd

VIDEO: Just How Short is Isaiah Thomas?

Ty Lue: Coaching LeBron/Cavs is "Hardest Job in Coaching"

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers may make it look effortless at times, but there is a masterful balancing act going on behind the scenes. 

Ty Lue and his staff must juggle the egos and mindsets of multiple individuals who all possess the thought that they are the best in the world because that's what makes them so good as individuals. The ability to bring together these multitudes of human behavior is no easy task, and many coaches have been fired from the best teams, with the best records, in the history of the league.

Colin Cowherd explains how when Ty Lue said that he has the "hardest coaching job in basketball" he was by no means exaggerating. Fully listen below, and comment after.

Roger Goodell Outsmarts the Media

From Thursday morning all the way until today the main topic of conversation in the entire landscape of sports has been the NFL Draft. When you consider the NBA and NHL Playoffs are in arguably their most exciting times, this is no small feat the league managed to pull off by relocating the draft and changing the timetable. Roger Goodell is one step ahead when it comes to all things business related.

That's why, much to the dismay of thousands of fans across the country, Roger Goodell actually deserves to be lauded for his careful outsmarting of the media. 

Colin Cowherd explains in the audio below.