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Best Of The Week: The Jason Smith Show

Sidney Crosby is Not Respected like Wayne Gretzky

Sidney Crosby was hit maliciously last night by Matt Niskanen (who will not be suspended by the NHL) and left the game with what has been diagnosed as a concussion. He will miss Game Four in Pittsburgh. 

The way he was hit, according to Jason Smith, is a fair representation of the way Crosby's current NHL colleagues feel about him. The fact that he was hit in a dirty fashion, without fear of either serious repercussion or public shaming, shows that NHL players across the league respect Crosby's talent, but don't respect him personally. The hatred is apparent every single time a player gets the chance to lay into Crosby, and the lack of respect is obvious to see.

This differs in the way Wayne Gretzky was perceived by other players, and Jason Smith explains the difference he sees in the audio below. Listen right here.

Rob Parker: "Boston is the Most Racist Sports City in America"

After Adam Jones came public with his claims of racial slurs being thrown at him, along with a bag of peanuts by a fan at Fenway Park, a lot of former and current players have come out and said that they have been treated the same in the city of Boston.  That includes players who have even played in Boston themselves.

Last night, in an attempt to show their unity against racism and against the individuals who said the remarks, Fenway gave Adam Jones a standing ovation among other gestures. 

"It was a nice gesture, but it's not enough," Said FS1's Rob Parker on the Jason Smith Show. "Boston has not yet done enough to shake the title of most racist sports city in America."

The entire interview between Parker and Smith is below, and it starts right away with the discussion about racism in the city of Boston. Listen right here.

Broncos "Weeding Out" Season Tickets Holders has Fans Outraged

The Broncos are "weeding out" season tickets holders who have made a practice of selling their season tickets to other people rather than attending the games themselves. 

That's right, if you purchased a Broncos season ticket and use it to sell to other people or maybe just didn't make a game this past season, you're now SOL. In order to accommodate what they claim to be a 75,000 person waiting list, the Broncos have revoked the season tickets priveledges of many individuals who failed to attend a game themselves last season.

This is a crazy story developing, and gaining steam nationally, that Jason Smith is all over. Listen below.