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Hoarding Starting Pitching Will Lead to a Sad Demise

“Baseball should treat what happened to the Mets as a cautionary tale.”

After at one point compiling arguably the most talented homegrown pitching staff in the history of baseball, New York's electric young core of fireballers the likes of Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, and Zack Wheeler has slowly browned out, as the entire staff has suffered serious upper body injuries of some sort the last three seasons.

With Cy Young favroiteNoah Syndergaard’s recent lat injury possibly ending his season, Ben Maller says the Mets misfortune is about as terrifying as it gets in the MLB; that is, hoarding the most precious position in the sport, only to see it slowly deteriorate before your very eyes. 

With DeGrom, Harvey, Matz, and Wheeler all having already undergone Tommy John surgeries, Ben Maller thinks the Mets might be finding out how dangerous is it to base your franchise around starting pitching during in age where arm injuries are running rampant.