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Why Send Security, and Not a Doctor?

Matt Harvey went out drinking, got a really bad hangover, and couldn't go to work. We know that much because he admitted to it during his press conference apology today in New York, where he confirmed all the rumors that Page Six had produced to the media over the weekend. 

However, today was not the shot that gave the drunk man the spins. No, no, no... that man has been over the toilet since this weekend. 

The moment we knew the relationship between Matt Harvey and the Mets was damaged beyond repair was when he called the Mets to tell them he was sick and wouldn't be making it to work, and in response, they sent SECURITY TO HIS HOUSE. Not a doctor, not someone who could help him, but security personnel to confirm he was actually at his house. 

The trust is gone. 

Doug Gottlieb explains all of this in the audio below.

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