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Matt Harvey Wouldn't Have Had to Apologize in the Past

“All you guys out there, raise your hand and beep your horn if you ever had to apologize for playing too much golf and drinking too much.”

Matt Harvey was front page news this week for failing to show up to Citi Field for New York’s Saturday night bout with the Marlins because he was clearly hungover from playing golf all day before his scheduled start on Sunday.

JT The Brick thinks it’s funny that we once lived in a world where star athletes were immortalized for their party habits, and said legends like Joe Namath and Ken Stabler never had to apologize for their wild behaviors as handsome bachelors.

“A round of applause for a man apologizing for drinking, going out late with beautiful women and playing golf,” JT said. “This guy dates starlets, Victoria Secret models, he hits the golf ball like he’s on the PGA Tour, he loves to drink cold beer and now he’s got to apologize because he’s a multi-millionaire.”