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John Wall has No Star Power

"John Wall is a terrific player, but he doesn't have any star power."

There is a discernable difference between the elite stars in the NBA and the next tier of terrific players without a dedicated following. John Wall, for as good as he is, sits in the second tier right underneath guys like Steph Curry due to the fact that he doesn't have the loyal fanbase required to be a superstar in this league.

Just look at the city he is in as an example. The Washington DC pecking order would have Bryce Harper, Trump, Kirk Cousins, Ovechkin, and a slew of other personalities ahead of John Wall as far as fan loyalty is concerned. There is no way a guy who is less renowned than Tony Kornheiser in his home city could be considered a national star. 

Fans are tuning into the Wizards/Celtics series to follow the Celtics. Listen below, as Colin Cowherd explains why John Wall is just not as big of a star as most people think.

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