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Jon Morosi: Matt Harvey Knows His Career is at a Crossroads

“This was clearly not an isolated incident. You would not suspend a franchise ace for three days because of being 45 minutes late and texting you saying he’s sick and can’t come to work. There was clearly more at work.”

The Fox Sports and MLB Network baseball analyst was on Outkick the Coverage talking about Matt Harvey’s humiliating week in the headlines that saw him get suspended for missing work with a wretched hangover.

Morosi said the former Cy Young front-runner is suddenly the odd man out on a New York franchise that has completely lost faith with their former ace, especially with the emergence of Noah Syndergaard and Jacob Degrom taking Harvey’s place as the club's two most irreplaceable arms.

“As great as he was for the first 8 innings of Game 5 of the World Series in 2015, he has lost a lot of that good will.”