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Matt Harvey Got Wasted After Seeing Adriana Lima Partying with Julian Edleman

(Page Six/New York Post) Mets pitcher Matt Harvey skipped Saturday’s game and got himself suspended after seeing pictures of his supermodel gal pal out partying with another man, sources told The Post.

The “Dark Knight” became an emotional wreck on May 2, after paparazzi photos came out showing Adriana Lima stepping from a limo and heading into Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty with her former boyfriend, NFL star Julian Edelman.

Both the Victoria’s Secret stunner and the Patriots wide receiver — with whom she had broken up several months earlier — wore grins on their faces like they were having the time of their lives.

C’mon Page Six, did you really have to use the line ‘wore grins on their faces like they were having the time of their lives’? You know Harvey is going to be reading that article, right? Way to send the best Mets pitcher since Tom Seaver back onto Tinder; this time with a bottle of Hpnotiq dictating his swipes.

To be fair, Edelman did have the former Vicky Secret’s starlet first, well, at least before Harvey -- who knows what Lima’s poor former husband Marko Jaric is doing these days.  

Harvey was heartbroken when he saw the two lovers rekindling an old flame, but he became AWOL when he allegedly saw that Lima unfollowed Harvey on Instagram just hours after the event. So, I guess that means Harvey has one of those apps that lets you know who unfollows you? This definitely adds another layer to the New York-Boston rivalry. Too bad Harvey couldn’t take a page out of Mario Winans book…