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James Harden Proved That He's Not an 'Alpha'

“Last night, James Harden quit. When Nene went down for Houston, James Harden realized driving to the arena for the rest of the series, ‘bro, this is me now’. James Harden that point forward was never the same.”

MVP candidate one day, insufferable goat the next; and not that GOAT either.

After the best season of James Harden’s career, and quite possibly the greatest year-to-year rise in modern NBA history, Colin Cowherd thinks Harden’s Thursday night flameout was simply the All-Star coming back down to earth after seven months in orbit.

Cowherd described Harden as a conventional two in life; whereas he’s gotten to the pinnacle of his craft but can’t quite reach the summit to become a one. Al Gore was a two, but Bill Clinton was the one. Rasheed Wallace was a two, Tim Duncan was the one. Andrew Wiggins? He’s the two, Karl Anthony-Towns is the one.

Having his worst game of his career in the biggest moment of his life was just more reason to believe that Harden will always be a two in life.