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There is a Good Chance Lakers DO NOT get Lonzo Ball

Colin Cowherd has been told by NBA officials that the Phoenix Suns, who have better odds at the number two overall pick than the Los Angeles Lakers, will not pass on Lonzo Ball if they have the chance to take him.

Forget the LaVar Ball crap, don't think they are going after a Kentucky guy instead, the Suns want Lonzo just as much as everyone else. After Fultz, Lonzo will go number two.

So why is the entire city of Los Angeles over here freaking out about the next coming of a Laker legend? There is practically a billboard over the 405 with Lonzo's face on it already. The craze is real, and it might be misguided.

Colin Cowherd explains just how slim the odds are that the Lakers actually do land their man, and warns the city of Los Angeles about false optimism. Listen below.

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