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Tom Brady Releases "There Is No Such Thing as a Madden Curse"

So, first you need to watch the video above. Tom Brady was chosen as the cover athlete for Madden 18 after leading the Patriots to a fifth Super Bowl this past season, a fitting choice indeed. Everyone thinks the player who goes on the cover of Madden is cursed the following season, and they think that with good measure. Tom should know this firsthand, as his buddy Gronk missed almost the entire season following his Madden cover. 

But, curses might not actually have an impact on Tom Brady. 

The video below was filmed BEFORE the Super Bowl, if you already forget. 

"Roger That"

I think Tom Brady is going to be juuuuust fine. 

(And if he's not, this article will be scrubbed off the internet and I'm going to make you all pretend you never saw it.)