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"That was just Disrespectful to Women"

Today on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Kristine Leahy went after LaVar Ball for comments he made towards her that were meant to disrespect her role as a woman in media. 

"Stay in Your Lane."

The comment was made to her with his back turned, in a manner that didn't allow her to even make eye contact with him. He goes on to add quips about being scared of her, her looking like a movie character, and retaliate for a comment she made months ago.

Below is the audio from the Kristine and LaVar portions of the argument, this is part one:

Kristine also stood up for her friend Jason Whitlock, who was the target of a LaVar Ball insult about weight. In this second audio portion, LaVar finds his back up against the wall and fires a shot around Kristine and directly at Jason Whitlock...

What did WHITLOCK do?!

Listen below for the full context of LaVar's comments on the weight of Jason Whitlock:

You can hear the full, unedited interview right here.

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