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Los Angeles will reportedly lose right to host Super Bowl LV

This is huge news for those in the city of Los Angeles who were hoping to have a true hometown team to cheer for in the coming years, and horrible news for both the Chargers and Rams organizations. 

The Rams will be stuck in the Coliseum for four years in total, and the Chargers will be at the Stubhub Center for three years.


The NFL some of, if not all, the most valuable sports franchises in the country, and if you are in Los Angeles you clearly have massive potential. But putting your teams in these second-rate stadiums for this long is not a way to generate buzz or create fandom. This is turning into a big ole disaster.


Due to the rain, and due to the delay in the excavation process, the stadium that will be ready just in time for 2020 might not be equipped to host the Super Bowl that season in the eyes of NFL Owners.

Tampa, who has had Super Bowl's in the past, will reportedly be voted as the new city chosen to host Super Bowl LV. This is all going downhill quickly for Los Angeles football fans.