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"This will be Tom Brady's Final Year in the NFL"

"This will be Tom Brady's final year in the NFL."

Think about this for a second, before Patriots fans decide to storm the building. 

Tom Brady has started to prepare for life outside of the NFL, and the Patriots are preparing for life after him. From hawking products to doing more social media and brand work, Brady is trying to formulate his post-NFL image. This is NOT unusual for an aging player, but instead standard near the end of a career. Giselle has been vocal about wanting to preserve his body in the future and even accidentally highlighted his battle with concussions today.

The kicker in this whole situation? The Patriots refused to part ways with Jimmy Garoppolo despite it making zero football sense to hang on to him. 

Jason Smith doubles down on his opinion that this will be Tom Brady's final year in the NFL, and explains his point thoroughly in the audio below. Listen here.

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