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Kevin Durant is Mentally Fragile

“He wants to be a star, but he doesn’t want any responsibility if they lose.”

Jason Smith called out Kevin Durant for being a mentally fragile frontrunner that wants the fame and admiration of being one of the game’s greatest players but doesn’t want the invasive criticism that comes with being the face of a franchise when things aren’t going their way.

“Golden State is the perfect place for Kevin Durant because he is incredibly mentally fragile,” Smith said. “He wanted to go hide in Golden State.”

Having a relationship with the media that sometimes appears compulsively sensitive and overly defensive, Smith says Durant taking the fast track to a ring by joining the Warriors actually isn’t a diss on him ring-chasing, but rather that fact he joined a group of superstars that will forever shield him from the lion’s share of the blame when they lose.

“He wanted to go hide and be someone who could say, ‘Oh, I’m still a star, and I’m still a great player but I’m going to go to a team now where I can hide amongst everybody else and not really have to worry about bearing the brunt of criticism if my team doesn’t win.’”

As for Kevin Durant’s legacy? Everything short of a superstar’s.

“You want to go chase rings? That’s great, that’s awesome, but don’t sit here and tell me ‘I’m a great superstar’, no, you’re not the superstar,” he said. “He’s got rabbit ears, he hears too much, he wants to go out and please everyone, he can’t just go out and play; that’s Kevin Durant.”