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LeBron Fanboys Took Major L in Eternal LBJ vs. MJ debate

“All of the LeBron 'Stans' out there, they’re putting out all their stats, they’re making all their arguments for why LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan, and then bang, LeBron has an awful game and Michael Jordan people, and they’re a lot of you out there listening right now, that can justifiably say, ‘Michael Jordan would have never scored 11 points in a home playoff game against a 17-point underdog and blown a 21-point second half lead. And you know what the data says? You’re right.”

With LeBron James fanboys seemingly always offering up overwhelmingly selective and convenient data when it comes to their claims of LeBron’s supremacy to Michael Jordan, Clay Travis thinks LeBron’s devoted followers received quite the left hook straight to the chin Sunday night when LeBron scored 11 points on 4 of 13 shooting with 6 turnovers in their stunning loss to a Celtics team playing without their best player.

Offer up all the partial and hand-picked data you want says Travis, Michael Jordan NEVER scored 11 points in a playoff game, let alone one his team was ahead 20+ points in the second half over a 17-point underdog. And with most sports fans having the memory capacity of a fruit fly, it was about time the numbers swung back Jordan’s way in the eyes of a bandwagon that will fight for 90’s basketball for the rest of time.