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Gronk's Contract is Bad for the NFL

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Rob Gronkowski restructured his contract with the New England Patriots so that he is paid based on "tiers" relating to the percentage of snaps he takes part in during the NFL regular season. 

On the surface, this is a great deal for team and player, which allows Gronk to be rewarded for maintaining health and lets the Patriots pay him for performance directly. However, it opens up a very scary door for the NFL and the way the league (and teams) deal with concussions and other serious injuries.

Colin Cowherd believes this contract is very bad for the NFL, citing the fact that players will do anything to get on the field if it means money in their pockets. 

Lie about head injuries? How about $2.5 million if you can convince the trainer you are fine.

See the issue? Listen to Colin Cowherd below: