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Seahawks Tell-All Reveals Richard Sherman Not Over SB Loss

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

The ESPN article about the Seattle Seahawks and their inner-turmoil can be found right here.

A lot of really fun tidbits from a tell-all piece about the Seattle Seahawks and some of their more prominent figures today on the internet. We had the confirmation that Russell Wilson is, in fact, a crazy person after he has been reportedly practicing news conferences since the age of 7. We also found out that Richard Sherman thinks Russell Wilson sucks, at least he did at one moment in time, because he went bananas on Wilson berating him with "YOU F***** SUCK" after a pick at practice. Oh, and we also found out that Sherman not only says he wants to play in Dallas or New England, but that he still hasn't gotten over the Super Bowl loss, which would explain his "no throwing on the 1-yard line" rule last season seemingly out of nowhere.

This is a great day to watch from the outside, and a bad day for Seahawks fans. I think you all knew this was brewing, but just never wanted it to come out. Sorta like when you drink all night and all morning then suddenly have to puke on the altar. 

You should have seen this coming.