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Sports Fans Only Want to See Juggernauts

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“Dominance equals predictable, predictable equals reliable, reliable equals consistent, consistent equals routine and the truth is; ratings prove that you and I continue to reject parity and reject new.”

With the sad demise of Tiger Woods’ golf career overwhelming sports media, Colin Cowherd talked about the void Woods has left behind as the world’s no. 1 and how it makes his deterioration that much sadder when you take into account how much golf misses him.

In a world where we have such predictability – Brady and Belichick winning Super Bowls, LeBron reaching Finals, Alabama football and UCONN women winning titles, and the ‘Big Four’ in men’s tennis – the idea of a juggernaut like Woods not winning multiple majors every year just doesn’t mesh well with the current sports culture. Fans don't want the Cinderella, they want the predictable, they want their routine, they want their golf to be Tiger leading golf tournaments on Sundays.