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If the Cavs Lose, LeBron Won't Win Another Title

"If the Cavs don't win this series, and LeBron turns 33 next year while everyone re-signs with the Warriors, he won't win another title without ring chasing."

Bold claims after one game, but seemingly visible in every facet of what we saw last night.

The Warriors were every bit as good as the team Cleveland had to beat in Oakland in a Game 7 last season, except they added Kevin Durant. 

With how stacked and talented Golden State looked, and LeBron creeping closer to his mid 30's, could this really be the best last chance for him to win a ring with this Cavaliers team?

If the Cavaliers can't come back and win this series, Clay Travis thinks the championship window is closed for LeBron James as the focal point of a team. Listen below to find out exactly why:

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