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LeBron Loves Playing the Victim Card

“LeBron as a victim doesn’t play for me at all. He’s the most plentiful talent I’ve ever seen in sports, he was blessed with some God-given talent – and he’s been blessed with a tremendous amount of power to be able to do things in the NBA the way he wants them done. Therefore that’s why I don’t want to hear any victimhood – that’s why I don’t have time to feel sorry for LeBron James.”

Despite it resembling Golden State losing a fight last year and coming back a year later under the influence of steroids to pummel Cleveland, Jason Whitlock says we shouldn’t feel bad for LeBron James after LBJ admitted that the Warriors have the most firepower of any team he’s ever played.

Can we talk about a more pampered career than LeBron’s?

Letting his posse run the Cavaliers the first time around, to firing coaches, to teaming up with his ‘boys’ in Miami, to forcing Dan Gilbert to write checks while compiling the most expensive team in NBA history the second go-around, there should be no one displaying victimhood less than LeBron.

If there's anyone to blame, it should be LeBron James for leaving a guy in Pat Riley behind who you know would have never let his teams get too far behind the juggernaut Warriors in personnel.