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Twitter Roasts Clay Travis' Outfit in Nashville

"Kinda looks like a frat guy going to a Smashmouth concert in 1999."

So, here is the entire story behind the picture you see in front of you. Clay Travis attended Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final last night, and wore this outfit. 

The polo shirt was actually worn in Friday Night Lights, so he thought it would bring some good luck to the Predators. The shoes are courtesy of Under Armour and do indeed look like old lady slippers from this angle. The jeans....

Twitter had fun with the outfit, and out of nearly 200 great responses roasting Clay's outfit, Outkick the Coverage gave you the 13 best insults today on-air. Take a listen below:

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Clay's own WIFE called into the show this morning in an attempt to defend herself for her husband's outfit, but ended up making matters worse for Clay. Take a listen here as well: