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Mayweather Might Finally Try and Put on a Show vs. McGregor

“Mayweather might feel a little bit of pressure to put on a show and try to knock out Conor McGregor.”

In what could be his final fight ever, considering he’s 40 years old and set to make over $100 million fighting UFC Champion Conor McGregor, Clay Travis thinks Floyd Mayweather might choose to ride off into the sunset in a way you wouldn’t normally expect.

Widely criticized by boxing fans and the media alike for his dull fighting style that often teeters on retreating more than simply defending, Travis thinks Mayweather could use this immense platform, expected to become the most hyped fight in boxing history, to actually put on a show and try to knock out a fighter in McGregor that the expert technician Mayweather knows he can pick apart.

On such a grand stage it could change the way we look at Floyd Mayweather forever if his last fight ever is knocking out a cult hero and larger than life personality like Conor McGregor.