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Mayweather Would Make More Money by Losing

You say that all you care about is money? Show me.

Floyd Mayweather is 49-0, has beaten every boxer thrown at him with style and grace, and if he defeats Conor McGregor he could reach that historic 50-0 mark and walk away from the sport for good. Why wouldn't he?

Simple. If he is all about his money, as he is on the record saying and overall just DUH, then he for sure has other options to push his bankroll a bit higher before he leaves. If legacy and all that 'forever' stuff don't scare him, it's clear what he should do in this upcoming fight against Conor McGregor.

Clay Travis thinks that if Floyd Mayweather is really all about "money," then the smart move would be taking a dive against Conor McGregor to set up even more big pay days. Listen here:

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