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Not Visiting the House House Would Not Be a Good Look for GSW

“Regardless of who the President is, whether it’s Donald Trump, whether it’s Barack Obama, whether it’s George W. Bush; whoever the President is, if you are invited to the White House because of your accomplishment, you go.”

As Donald Trump oddly became a major storyline in the Warriors’ second NBA Championship in three years, Clay Travis thinks the idea of a team skipping out on a White House visit just seems petty, especially when high-profile champions like the Patriots and Clemson football team have already made the age-old trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue despite many coaches and players alike displaying an obvious disdain for the polarizing 45th President.

Travis says that the idea of the NBA Champions publicly spurning Trump is the narrative the left-wing media would be licking their chops for during a Trump presidency that has often turned ‘no-bias’ news into a 24/7 episode of TMZ.

“The reason why it’s going to be covered so aggressively is because most of the people who work in the sports media did not vote for Donald Trump,” Travis said. “They aren’t allowed to give their own political beliefs out very aggressively, so anytime an athlete shares their own personal political belief they treat them as if they’re a hero, they lionize them, they praise them – I’m already rolling my eyes at the amount of attention this is going to get from ESPN.”

Even though individual players on Golden State may disapprove of the current President, what exactly would they be accomplishing if they refused to show up to an event held only to celebrate their own personal achievement at one of the most famous venues on earth?

“It’s such a ridiculous political statement to make,” he said. “If you have that strong of political beliefs run for office – leave your NBA career when you’re done and run for the Senate or run for Governor.”

And if the Warriors actually do end up dodging Trump’s invite?

“This is going to be so boring, so predictable and so annoying,” he said. “They are going to turn the Golden State Warriors into modern day heroes. Everybody’s going to be Muhammad Ali -- ‘oh my god, the Warriors are not going to the White House!’ -- this is just patently absurd.”