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LeBron James and His Newest Decision

Certain types of players have to risk their success by joining franchises that are in need of rescuing. Those players might have checkered pasts, want a change of scenery badly, or want to be the 'savior' type after enduring a few really bad seasons. 

Why in the world would LeBron James join the Los Angeles Lakers?

There are so many other teams outside of Cleveland that provide LeBron with what he is seeking, and with the new turnover in the Lakers front office, it seems impossible to picture him joining a team that has been teetering on the ropes for a few seasons. They have been at the top of the lottery, why go now at the end of his career to that?

Colin Cowherd explains why LeBron James is not going to Los Angeles to play with the Lakers anytime soon, despite all the rumors and speculation. Listen here: 

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