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What to Expect from the NBA Draft

2017 NBA Draft Lottery

"The NBA Draft will be predictable this year, but remain fun."

Next Thursday night is a date that fans of 28 franchises have had circled on their calendars since the All-Star Break, and it is finally starting to shape up. Despite conflicting reports, Colin Cowherd believes that what you see in the projected top 6 picks of this draft is primarily what you are going to get. 

That means Fultz starts the night off by donning a green cap, and then Lonzo goes to Los Angeles. Everyone smiles and gets their pictures taken, the NBA has a mini-resurgence of excitement in the rivalry, we all win.

The next few picks get a little bit less "household-name-y" in nature, so Colin walks through the likely scenarios that could unfold on Thursday night. Check it out here:

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