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Colin Kaepernick Continuing Trend of 'Unintelligence'

“Colin Kaepernick is stepping into the fray here and distributing inaccurate information and actually encouraging people to basically be going to war with law enforcement.”

Clay Travis says Colin Kaepernick is continuing his trend of unintelligent protests, this time in a controversial tweet made over the weekend comparing 19th-century slave catchers to modern day law enforcement in response to a not guilty verdict in the Philando Castile case.

Travis said Kaepernick not only officially killed his NFL career with the tweet, but is adding to a barrage of disinformation when it comes to the perceived public perception of law enforcement.

"If you are in a position of prominence on social media, you have an obligation to try and make sure that what you share is factually accurate," Travis said of Kaepernick's tweet. "Leaving the fact aside that this blatantly inflames racial tensions, it's not true. It's not historically accurate in any way that police derived from modern day slave patrol. This is not Colin Kaepernick being intelligent."