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"Cleveland is Planning for One More LeBron Year"

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

When LeBron James signed with Cleveland, there must have been a conversation that laid out the 5-10 year plan he saw for himself immediately. This much is becoming increasingly clear as we approach the "last big contract years" of The King's career. Dan Gilbert, by making every move since the "I'm Coming Home" lovefest, has made it pretty clear that the window was somewhere between 3-5 years to win the city a title, and then LeBron was back out. 

By dropping quotes like "we need to plan in case LeBron leaves" and amid speculation of LeBron having a preference for In 'N Out (still the best theory as to why he would play in LA) the window is closing.

Bill Simmons joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd today to spell it all out. Listen to him for full context.