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Spurs Fans Have Become Pathetic

“You are not going to beat the Warriors in a 7-game series unless Kevin Durant and Steph Curry run into each other and both knock each other out for the season.”

Despite an irate Spurs fan base still blaring their ’78 to 55!’ fight song after Golden State’s second championship in three years, Clay Travis thinks the loyal followers of basketball’s most successful franchise the last two decades need to R-E-L-A-X.

“The San Antonio Spurs fans are the most delusional fans in the game of basketball,” Travis said of the countless Spurs fans that say Zaza Pachulia’s intentional accidental closeout of Kawhi Leonard that sprained the star’s ankle and ultimately ended his season was the reason they didn’t beat the Warriors and advance to the NBA Finals. “Kawhi Leonard sprained his ankle. You might have won that game. You might have won another game, but you were not winning that series.”

Travis pointed to their March 29th regular season matchup, where the Spurs blew a 22-point first quarter lead with a healthy Kawhi Leonard before Golden State rolled in the second half to a 110-98 win in San Antonio. So if they could blow a massive lead with a healthy Kawhi Leonard at home, they could certainly have done it again in a road playoff game.

“You have totally been taken over by a fever of delusion. You guys are afterthoughts in the NBA in terms of winning a championship,” he said. “Stop with the stupid ‘the San Antonio Spurs are going to make a difference’; You aren’t, you’re a beaten team. Take your medicine, wait for the Warriors to be done and stop making yourselves look like idiots.”