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What Did Phil Jackson say that was SO Outrageous?

NY Knicks President Phil Jackson and Kristaps

Phil Jackson is dangling Kristaps Porzingis out there in an attempt to bring back a massive return in exchange for his franchise cornerstone, and all of a sudden the Knicks fans are ready to kill him.

What did he say that was so outrageous?

He cited the skipped exit interview, which he viewed as disrespectful, and the fact that Porzingis has done a lot for the franchise to this point. If he were to make a good deal with the Celtics, he would possibly be bringing in four starters for his franchise and taking a shot on some younger talent. Why is this so insane?

Colin Cowherd wonders why Knicks fans snap at the thought of Porzingis elsewhere and ponders what a possible trade could bring in return. Listen here: