LeBron is Such a Typical Millennial Crybaby

"Lebron showing up wearing a cast after getting swept was so LeBron that it hurts. This is why so many people don't like LeBron. He decided at that point in time that the story needs to come out that he was playing hurt."

-- Clay Travis

Last Friday, the Cavaliers season ended with a whimper as the Golden State Warriors completed the NBA Finals sweep on the Cavs home floor. After the game, LeBron James showed up to the post-game press conference with his hand wrapped in cast-like material. He revealed that it was from a self-inflicted injury that he suffered after Game 1 and that he has been playing the last 3 games "with a broken hand."

Clay Travis points out that this is the perfect example of why most people do not like LeBron James. He is the ultimate cry-baby millennial. There was absolutely no reason for him to get his hand wrapped up before the press conference other than to draw attention to it and himself. 

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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