Clay Travis Creates a Way the NBA Could Have Their Playoffs

The Coronavirus has put some sports leagues in limbo, but Clay Travis has an idea for how the NBA could come back sooner rather than later. Clay's idea is that the NBA could take over a college campus to house the NBA players, coaches, staff and referees, and to play all the games in one location.

Everybody involved would be tested and cleared of the virus, then the NBA could live in their own little "bubble" and be able to play out the rest of their season and crown a champion.

There would be no crowds present, just the teams, refs and camera crews. The games would be broadcast out to everyone across the world like a normal game. Clay brings in the crew to see if his idea is crazy or not, and it's a fun conversation. Clay's idea could be a way to safely finish out the NBA season, and give sports fans spanning the globe a little bit of normalcy back into their lives.

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Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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