Clay Travis: The Sarah Fuller Story is a Ridiculous Media-Driven Sham

Clay Travis: “This story that Vanderbilt didn’t have a kicker doesn’t make sense to me because the punter could have clearly run up and popped the ball up into the air and kicked the ball a lot further than she did. This is not rocket science… I’m not opposed to positive stories, but don’t sell me something that is artificial, and claim that’s it’s authentic. If you’re selling me with ‘this was the best chance we had to win a football game;, I’m not buying that. She also ADDRESSED THE TEAM AT HALFTIME. I don’t know how many locker rooms you’ve been in , but if somebody who isn’t on the team, and has never actually stepped foot on the field with you – blood, sweat, and tears – throughout the season, suddenly gives you a lecture at halftime about how you’re not ‘cheering’ enough on the sideline, and how you’re not excited enough on first downs are happening – I’m sorry, I’m tuning it out, and rolling my eyes. And if that person is *flipping* kicker?? This girl addressed the team and ripped them, and had never actually played in a game yet when she did it… I think this thing was recorded, I think it was set up, and I think we’re going to see a ridiculous ’30 for 30’ on this, and they’re going to re-enact the kick, and it’s going to turn into one that goes into the first row in the back of the end zone when they make the Disney special about it, instead of a little dink kick… I’ve got three sons, so I tell them they can whatever they want, as any parent should, but I don’t want to tell one of my kids that they should aspire to do something and be rewarded for it only because their identity, and not because of their overall talent. In the release they sent out from Vanderbilt University they wrote ‘She took the opening kickoff of the second half against the Tigers as her perfectly executed kick sailed 30 yards and was downed at the Missouri 35-yard-line.’ This is so absurdly ridiculous. If you kick the ball out of bounds on the opening kick, the other team gets the ball at the 40, and every coach slams down his headset and curses the kicking staff to the moon. The intentional plan here was to a give a team that you were already losing to by 21 points, the ball five yards worse than the absolute worst-case scenario kick? That’s a kick that ‘sailed’? That’s a kick that deserves credit? That’s a kick where somebody gets named the ‘Co-Special Teams Player of the Week’?? This is crazy and I feel like I’m living in an upside-down world.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis and his former radio colleague Chad Withrow discuss Sarah Fuller’s historic appearance for the Vanderbilt football team, and why they think the whole saga may sound intriguing at first glance, but one that is ultimately nothing but a media driven sham.

Check out the segment above as the two hosts pick apart the irregularities of this ‘tall tale’, and why it was never based in reality.

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