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Life Keeps Getting Tougher for NFL Running Backs

Photo: Justin K.Aller

Jason Smith: "Injuries of varying degrees to Nick Chubb, JK Dobbins, Austin Ekeler, David Montgomery, Aaron Jones... these are all number 1 running backs. To have this come at a time where these players are figuring out what they need to do to get paid, it's the other part of this that sucks for running backs. There is no way out. To get through your rookie contract unscathed and to get to your second contract is very difficult. The best way to get paid is to go year-to-year and ball out every year, and you'll get money, but only as long as you stay healthy. All owners are saying now is 'see, this is why we can't pay running backs. Because they can't stay healthy.' There is no other way out for running backs. Nothing is helping them."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Cleveland Browns losing Nick Chubb to a season-ending knee injury. The guys examine the slew of injuries to top-tier running backs across the league and explain what it means for the future of the position, after a tumultuous offseason where players found it difficult enough to get contract extensions at market value.