Despite Losing, Cowboys' Odds Must Be Upgraded After Impressive Week 1


On today's episode of "Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell," RJ and the crew recap the opening game in the NFL season between the Buccaneers and the Cowboys. The Cowboys fell to the defending champs 31-29, but put on an impressive performance, and came close to the upset. QB Dak Prescott looked fantastic, and the Dallas defense looked like they are primed for a big improvement compared to last season. Washington is +350 to win the NFC East, but that might be in danger after the Cowboys’ impressive performance last night. RJ and the crew discussed if it’s time to upgrade Dallas’ odds this year, or if Washington is still the favorite:

AJ Hoffman: “I think you have to upgrade Dallas. I think they exceeded all expectations in that game. Whatever the number was, they beat it, and they were winning that football game with less than 2 minutes to go, but Tom Brady is Tom Brady. The loss aside, they were very impressive.”
Jonas Knox: “I’m definitely higher on Dallas than I was going into the game. They were a few missed field goals away from winning that game, but other than that, I feel like Dallas is going to be alright.”
RJ Bell: “I think if you’re holding a ticket for Washington to win the division at +350, I don’t think your panicking seeing Dallas’ performance last night. The loss is meaningful in the standings, and I think Dallas is the only real competition you’re facing in the NFC East compared to the other two teams in that division.”