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McCarthy Tells the Future of Sports Media

Michael McCarthy from Front Office Sports pays a visit to the magic podcast studio this week to give us the lowdown on the fascinating sports media stories fermenting this week. Is Adam Schefter leaving ESPN? Pro sports insiders Schefter, Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania are headed towards free agency. What is the future of the ManningCast? Is NBC worried about Drew Brees? Did kids actually watch NFL on Nickelodeon? How much money will MLB lose from work stoppage? Follow Michael on Twitter @MMcCarthyREV, read his work on / Follow Danny G Radio on Twitter @DannyGradio, Follow Big Ben on Twitter @BenMaller and listen to the original "Ben Maller Show," Monday-Friday on Fox Sports Radio, 2a-6a ET, 11p-3a PT!

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