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The Ben Maller Show

The Ben Maller Show

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The Fifth Hour: Mikey Adams, Sports Radio Legend

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Mikey Adams makes his maiden voyage in the podcast dojo on the “Fifth Hour with Ben Maller, and Danny G Radio.” Iconic host of the “Planet Mikey Show” on WEEI and a career in radio that started in 1973. Mikey plays the hits, chatting with Big Ben about replacing Howard Stern in Hartford, what led to his demise at EEI, bathroom and adult movies. Something for everyone who loves the radio business. You can hear the “Planet Mikey” show, a weekly journey through the wild and twisted mind of Mikey Adams wherever you get your podcasts, in addition to his new “15 minutes of shame,” weekly podcast where he fires off missiles. Follow Mikey on Twitter @MikeyAdams420 Follow Danny G Radio on Twitter @DannyGradio, Follow Big Ben on Twitter @BenMaller, and listen to the original "Ben Maller Show," Monday-Friday on 400+ terrestrial Fox Sports Radio affiliates, iHeart stream, and SiriusXM Radio channel 83, 2a-6a ET, 11p-3a PT!


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