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Ben Maller: Ja Morant Is a Buffoon

Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Six

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Despite already getting suspended and nearly losing endorsement deals by waving a gun around in a strip club and having it captured on video, Ja Morant again is in hot water for waving an gun around in an IG Live video taken with his friends. Ben Maller points out that Ja Morant isn't very smart.

Ben Maller: "Having a gun is not illegal. That's not really the issue here. He didn't break the law per se, but he did break a golden rule. When you have escaped trouble, you probably shouldn't do the same thing or a very similar thing again...This is an optics problem for the NBA. You are a superstar. If you are a superstar in sports, you're not the one carrying the gun. You pay people to carry the gun to protect you."