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The Ben Maller Show

The Ben Maller Show

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The Fifth Hour: Roberto Flores, Wheel Change

Roberto Flores was an integral part of the Ben Maller Show from 2018-2023, he was in the air traffic control center pressing all the right buttons, controlling the silly drops. This week Roberto announced he is leaving Fox Sports Radio for a new career path outside of radio. He stops by the Fifth Hour to talk about his decision to leave, what’s next, favorite show memories and what it will take for him to reactivate his @raider_rob24 Twitter account. Be sure to follow Danny G Radio on Twitter @DannyGradio, Follow Big Ben on Twitter @BenMaller, and listen to the original "Ben Maller Show," Monday-Friday on 450+ terrestrial Fox Sports Radio affiliates, iHeart stream, and SiriusXM Radio channel 83, 2a-6a ET, 11p-3a PT!


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