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The Ben Maller Show

The Ben Maller Show

Storyteller, provocateur, rabble-rouser, raconteur, professional blabbermouth, sarcasm specialist, doctorate in insomnia, distant relative of...Full Bio


Hour 1- Calling D Hop a Titan?

In the first hour of the Ben Maller show, Ben starts the show off with a rant about DeAndre Hopkins and where he will end up this fall. The Titans are said to be "well-positioned" to sign DeAndre Hopkins, Ben talks about if it's based in reality? Michael Vick wants Tua Tagovailoa to bulk up to avoid injuries, is it that simple? Also Is it wise for the 49ers to reduce George Kittle's workload? Plus, we get another segment of MLB Pick em & callers chatting it up with Big Ben. 

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