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The Ben Maller Show

The Ben Maller Show

Storyteller, provocateur, rabble-rouser, raconteur, professional blabbermouth, sarcasm specialist, doctorate in insomnia, distant relative of...Full Bio


The Best of The Ben Maller Show

Today on The Ben Maller Show, Ben opens the show reacting to the news that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was seen in a walking boot. Is this cause for concern? Jeff Bezos has been selling significant Amazon stock... Ben wonders if he could be preparing to purchase the Seahawks. Later, Big Ben wrestles with how to interpret Aaron Judge's personal hitting coach taking a shot at the Yankees, recaps all of the competitive eating madness from a wild 4th of July, and gives his thoughts on the Warriors trading for Buddy Hield. Plus, a new edition of Maller to the 5th degree!

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