We Already Knew Aaron Rodgers Still Owns the Bears

Photo: Quinn Harris

Dan Patrick wonders exactly what Aaron Rodgers was thinking when he taunted Bears fans at Soldier Field with, ‘I still own you!’ Was there really a question about that? Did he really have to say it out loud? It feels like everybody in the building was well aware of Rodgers’ continued dominance over Chicago and using it to taunt an already beleaguered fan base seems like overkill. The real question becomes, how do the new NFL taunting rules apply in this kind of situation? Dan is concerned that inconsistent taunting penalty calls are likely to affect somebody’s season, and not in a good way.

Dan Patrick: “A woman was flipping him (Aaron Rodgers) off, he scores the touchdown, he does the Discount Double-check and then he yells out, ‘I own you! I still own you!’ Did he need to say that he still owned you? I’m going to guess everybody at Soldier Field was like, ‘Man, he owns us!’”