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The Vikings Were a Catch Away from Being Frauds

Photo: Timothy T Ludwig

Dan agrees that we must take the Minnesota Vikings seriously as a Super Bowl contender, he certainly not confident about their chances considering the inconsistent play from QB Kirk Cousins. It feels like they are holding their title hopes together with Band-Aids and Justin Jefferson is just the latest to step up and cover a wound. He only needed to make such an incredible catch because the throw was so poor and, if he’d missed that catch, we might be calling the Vikings frauds.

Dan Patrick: “It felt like the Vikings are able to come up with Band-Aids here...Are they a Super Bowl contender? Yes, you have to take them seriously because of their record right now. But watching that game certainly made you nervous if it came down to one drive and it relied on or depended on Kirk Cousins. But having Justin Jefferson, that’s a great bail-out.”